My MINI Crush – Part I

As a woman who enjoys most things automotive, it’s not often that I wind up favoring one vehicle over all of the others. Most cars merely receive a thumbs up or thumbs down from me, and rarely does one stand out enough to make me blush like a school girl. But this car does. I’m talking about the new MINI Cooper Countryman. It’s the crossover of all crossovers – at least from what I can tell from the outside (more on that in a moment). It’s compact, sporty, extremely stylish (or should I say “chic“), and it’s not just for girls.

MINI’s Countryman quite possibly has what it takes to be the next ride in the Batenchuk household. If it does join our family, then I will have to digest once again my usual advice to others not to buy a brand-new car, but to go for a newer used model that’s already depreciated a bit. My logic for the Countryman? Well, it’s the first one out there from MINI. Just like my 2007 Civic Si sedan was the first sedan offered. Sounds reasonable, right?Not to worry, I promise not to make an impulse purchase. There remains research to be done on the Countryman (hence the “part I” title). Although the feedback from my enthusiast pals has been mostly positive, I’ll need to decide for myself by taking a trip to the dealer. Stay tuned!

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Melanie Batenchuk founded Be Car Chic in 2009 as a way to help consumers make smart decisions when buying and selling their cars. Her prior work at the dealership, trade association and manufacturer levels has provided her a deep understanding of the complex facets within the auto industry, making her a leading woman in her field.

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  1. beltranaboutcars at 10:42 AM

    The good thing about the Mini brand is that is holds its value very well! I would say that this is one of the few brands where buying new is not that different from buying a used one.Are you really the one in the pic?Greeting BeCarChic!

  2. Melanie Batenchuk at 10:46 AM

    Carlos – that’s one of my arguments. MINI has been at the top of brand resale value for a few years now. My only concerns are price and reliability. How has your Cooper held up?And no, that’s not really me in the pic. But that is the Countryman I’d choose if I bought one! :)Thanks!!

  3. Kristine at 10:48 AM

    This car is sooooooooooooooooo you! ;)Love it !!!

  4. Matt Keegan at 8:39 AM

    MINI is an excellent brand and as Beltran noted these cars do hold up in value. Prices are from the low 20s, which is certainly competitive. Well equipped and you’ll push near $30K…ouch.I like the $199 lease deal on the Cooper hard top. Sweet!