Infographic: Cell phones and driving

A friend recently passed along this awesome infographic about distracted driving. It’s so cool – and relevant – that I had to share.

Created by Christensen Law Firm, the image serves not only as an informational display of distracted driving data but also as a PSA. Diana Adams, owner of Adams Consulting Group, featured the data-filled picture on Bit Rebels, a website focused on various topics surrounding the technology industry.Adams has written a few articleson cell phone usage while driving, and I find it interesting – and extremely helpful – that she is using her platform to reach the tech community. It makes perfect sense, however, because this group is traditionally the first to be obsessed with the gadgets that eventually make their way to us laymen.

Infographic via utahpersonalinjurylawfirm dot com
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Melanie Batenchuk

One Response to “Infographic: Cell phones and driving”

  1. As a driving instructor, I spend all day long being aware of other drivers.As far as I am concerned, 99% of all near-misses that I see, are due to people texting or using their cellphones.Tony