JabbaWockeeZ Dance-off over 2011 Ford Explorer

Ford unleashed a new video today that pits two groups of JabbaWockeeZ dancers against each other. If you are familiar with the TV show America’s Best Dance Crew, then you’ve heard of this group. They won the title during the show’s first season and are an extremely talented bunch. Much like Ford used hip hop star Nelly in its campaign last month to promote the 2011 Ford Explorer, the automaker uses celebrity again here in hopes of making this video go viral.

Ford is clearly taking creative license to squelch myths about the new V6 engine found in the 2011 model being “weaker” just because it has two fewer cylinders. The video begins with a question from a guy named James who asks, “How does the new V6 compare with last year’s V8?” The two groups of JabbaWockeeZ dancers answer with interpretive hip hop dances representing their engines. The V8 Crew boasts 292 horsepower in the previous generation Explorer, only to learn from the V6 Posse that the 2011 Explorer’s V6 gets 290 hp and is more fuel efficient.

Looks to me like team V8 got served!

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